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Welcome is a well known bollywood comedy released back in 2007. One of the most funniest comedy in bolywood which still rules the hearts of million memers. That’s why you are here at the right place where you will find all the Welcome Meme template which are trending in India. This comedy masterpiece was directed by Anees Bazmee which stars Feroz KhanAkshay KumarNana PatekarAnil KapoorKatrina KaifParesh Rawal,and Mallika Sherawat, with Suniel Shetty making a guest appearance and was produced by Firoz Nadiadwala. Welcome became the second highest-grossing Hindi film of 2007 after Om Shanti Om.

The movie is filled with a lot of one-liners and hilarious replies. Most of the dialogues of the film has already become memes in the indian meme industry. Though the hysterical performances is still alive in the lives of people. Famous dialogues like “Control Uday” & “Daulat, Shauhrat Izzat ” are most common slangs in India. A sequel to Welcome also released in 2015 titled “Welcome Back” which did not as good as the first part. The presence of veteran actors like Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor is what makes this film most lovable to watch Akshay Kumar included.

Here we stocked up all trending Welcome Meme Template for you.

Ab Ghodo Ke Race mai Gadhe bhi Daudenge



Yeh raaz bhi usi ke sath chala gaya

yeh raaz bhi usi ke saath chala gaya


Majnu Bhai Painting

welcome meme template


Uday and squat laughing

meme template uday-shetty-and-ballu-laughing


Tera kaam ho gaya tu jaa

welcome meme template Tera-kaam-ho-gaya-tu-jaa


tera baap yahan chodd ke gaya tha



Sadak se utha ke star bana dunga

welcome meme template film director vijay raaz


Lagta aapke pyar mai gir gai bhai

welcome meme templates


Sala jalta hai musse majnu

welcome meme template saala-jalta-hain-mujhse


Ghungroo Seth trolling

welcome meme template tera baap yha


Majnu Bhai Live Painting

anil kapoor meme template


Jaa pooch ke aa

welcome meme pooch ke aa


Tum kab aaye?

welcome meme rdx


Kaafi faila hua business hai

welcome meme template uday bhai


Yeh Raj bhi usi ke sath chala gaya

welcome meme template yeh raaj bhi usi ke sath


Miracle Miracle Welcome Meme template


Seh lenge thoda

welcome meme template seh lenge thoda


Control Uday!

welcome meme template uday bhai


Lo chooya maine

welcome meme template majnu bhai


Arey yeh kaun bhaunk raha hai

welcome meme template


Aaloo Lelo.. Kande lelo

welcome meme template aalo lelo


Abhi hum jinda hai

welcome meme template


Uday – leave it face meme

welcome meme templates


Meri Kismat Hi Kharab hai

welcome meme template


Meri Ek tang nakli hai..

welcome meme template meri-ek-taang-nakli-hai-


Kundali nikalo meme

welcome meme template majnu


Noto Ki to baarish ho rahi hai

welcome meme template


Daro mat, Mai sirf dikhne mai khatarnak hoon

welcome meme template


Dekho yeh zinda hai

 meme dekho yeh zinda hai


Cut it yar.. cut it

cut it yaar cut it meme welcome


Bolne de takleef hua hai bechare ko



Bhaisaahab yeh kis line mai aa gaye aap welcome meme template



Aye tum log bhi chalo na mere sath

aye tum log bhi chalo na mere saath


Areyy Aaoo meme template

welcome meme template areyy aaoooo


Ab yeh pagal jee nahi payega

welcome meme template Ab-ye-pagal-jee-nahi-payega (2)


Arey Kab tak teri galtiyo ka tokra leke ghumunga

welcome meme template aree kab tak teri galtioyon ka tokra main apne sar par ghoomata rahunga


Seh lenge thoda

welcome meme template yeh-kya-khabar-chhapi-hai-ghodo-ki-race-mei-ab-gadhe-bhi-daudenge


So here was our list of all the Welcome Meme Templates. We hope you have found what you were looking for, If not , or if you have any suggestions regarding the templates why don’t you tell us in the comment section you can also contact us anytime.

So what are you waiting for Go download these templates and start making meme right away. Also if you have any suggestions regarding the templates or if you want us to add more of these do let us know in the comment section with your valuable feedback. We would love to hear from you.

Happy Memeing!

Welcome Meme Template

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