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Hera Pheri and Phir Hera Pheri (sequel) are one of the most loved and funniest Bollywood films. We have grown watching these films in our early days. As the film completed 20 years and has become very popular in the Indian meme industry we will share with you the best phir hera pheri meme template.

Funny and witty dialogues from the series have bombarded a million of memes on social media platforms. If you are a memer or want to become one we suggest you start with your meme journey and we will provide you with all the trending and funniest meme template on Indian Meme Template.

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Phir Hera Pheri is a different kind of mad comedy movie that will make you laugh on every single expression and dialogue, not just once but even when you remember the dialogues. The buzz this movie created that each and every dialogue of the movie is on everybody’s lips. Every character is well planned, memorable characters like Raju (played by Akshay Kumar), Babu Bhai (played by Paresh Rawal) and Shyam (played by Suniel Shetty)

Here is the list of all the latest Phir Hera pheri meme templates


50 rupya kaat overacting kaa

50 rupya kaat hera pheri meme


yeh bhedbhav kyun hera pheri

yeh bhedbhav kyun hera pheri


Main dastakhat karne ko taiyaar hoon



Babbu bhaiya memes

babu bhaiya memes


mai to tereko harani samajhta tha

mai to tereko harani samajhta tha


mai jeb mai leke thode ghoomta hoon

maijeb mai leke thode ghoomta hoon


mujhe jaldi bahut paise milne wale hai

mujhe jald hi bahut paise milne wale hai


sabko dikhana padega naa

sabko dikhana padega naa


abu bhaiya and shyam

abu bhaiya and shyam


Aurat ka chakkar babu bhaiya



kadak hai hera pheri meme

kadak hai


Beta ek jamana tha jab hum bhi gareeb hua karte the

phir hera pheri dialouge


arey mujhe chakkar aane laga hai template

hera pheri meme template


nakli note chapne ka dhandha hai kya meme

phir hera pheri memes template


Sabko Scheme Bata de meme template

phir hera pheri scheme meme


O sarak.. sarak udhar meme

o sarak udhar akshay kumar meme


Akshay and rajpal yadav meme template

akshay kumar meme template


Raju and babu bhaiya memes

phir hera pheri template


Yeh kaafi Difficult Course hai by Akshay 

akshay kumar phir hera pheri  memes

fir to apna kaam khalaas

fir to apna kaam khalaas


mast plan hai

mast plan hai

Ye scheme tere liye hai hi nahi

phir hera pheri meme templates


Babu bhaiya, shyam and raju meme

tere pass koi aur rasta hai meme


Shyam laughing at raju meme

suniel shetty phir hera pheri


Shyam and raju fighting

raju and shyam meme template


Kachraseth Kadak hai

kadak hai meme template


Totla Seth Meri Nakal karta hai

meri nakal karta hai meme template


Lottery laga kya tereko

phir hera pheri memes


Abhi maza aayega na bhidu

Abhi maza aayega na bhidu


amir bano amir Akshay meme

hera pheri meme template


ye yede tere baap ki shaadi hai kya re

aye yede tere baap ka shaadi hai kya re meme


tiliyal bol tiliyal

tiliyal bol tiliyal phir hera pheri meme template


saale ko bomb se uda dunga

saale ko bomb se uda dunga meme template


saala merko itna chota diya

saala merko itna chota diya hera pheri memes


rakh rakh teri maa ki

rakh rakh teri maa ki meme template

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Shyam, raju and babu bhaiya running

 pheri hera pheri memes running


shyam catches raju lies

shyam and raju memes


Paisa laya template

paisa laya meme template


pehle tu de

pehle tu de meme template


Paisa hi paisa hoga phir hera pheri meme

paisa hi paisa hoga meme template


Akshay kumar standing phir hera pheri template

akshay kumar standing meme template


Nakli note chapne ka dhanda hai kya

nakli note chapne ka dhandha meme


mereko aisa dhak dhak horela hai

mereko to aisa dhakdhak horela meme


Meri kundali mai ek khoon likha hai meme

funny hera pheri memes


kisi dusre ki kholi mai aa gya

funny hera pheri meme template


kya tumhe mujhpar jara bhi vishwas nahi

funny hera pheri suniel shetty memes


Khopdi tod saale ka phir hera pheri meme

khopdi tod saale ka meme template


Aja tujhe sandas dikhata hu phir hera pheri meme template

aja tujhe sandas dikhata hoon meme

Abe mereko to andar lo

abe mereko to andar lo hera pheri meme


So here was the list of all Hera Pheri and Phir Hera Pheri meme templates. I hope found you found your templates. So without wasting any time download these templates and start making memes right away. Also if you have any suggestions regarding the templates do reply with your valuable feedback. We would love to hear from you. Also if you would like to at other meme templates we have uploaded on our other blog post to check them out. They will help you create more memes creatively. 

We are also working to integrate memes creator within the website, so it will be easier to directly create the meme from this website. We are currently working towards integration. Will inform you all soon as soon as it gets ready. 

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Phir Hera Pheri Meme Template

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